Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New 2013 Tax Laws Highlight Need for Joe Garza's Asset Protection Services

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - Feb 20, 2013) - Joe B. Garza, of the respected law firm, Garza & Harris, Ltd. (, is highlighting the need for reviewing your asset protection, liability reduction and estate planning strategies for the next fiscal tax year (and beyond), in lieu of numerous tax changes and reforms that have gone into effect. These recent changes underscore the fact that no matter what strategy one may have in place, each year calls for a new review of methods to ensure that asset protection and adequate liability reduction methods are in place.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wealth Protection Matters – A Joe B. Garza Video

Joe B. Garza asks: You spent a lifetime earning it and working hard for it. Now you have to also seek protection of it. We are talking, of course, about your wealth. What type of legacy will you leave behind for your loved ones? How protected are you right now? Wealth protection is important in the right now, the present, and not after the fact; when it’s often too late. Are you protected?

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Passing More to Your Loved Ones with Estate Planning

With proper estate planning, you can know that your estate is distributed in manner that you see fit after you are gone from this world. The importance of proper estate planning cannot be emphasized enough. As a good rule of thumb, estate planning professionals like Joe B Garza can help you safeguard your legacy by using proven methods that employ various legal tactics to maximize the protection of your assets and of your wealth while you are here and long after you are gone.

Safeguarding Your Wealth
You spent a lifetime of dedication earning it. Now you need to do just as much work to protect it. Creditors and feeble lawsuits can come out of the woodworks when you least expect them to. They can harm your reputation and rob your wealth. But with proper asset protection methods in place by Joe BGarza, you will be properly veiled to minimize any liability risk.

Minimizing Tax Liability
Your estate does not have to be subjected to the outlandish estate taxes of the present day. As a matter of fact, there are numerous methods that that can be employed that greatly minimize the amount of tax liability that affects you estate. This enables you to pass on more of your wealth to your loved ones instead of needlessly paying it out in unnecessary taxation.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wealth Protection Matters Sooner Than Later

Fundamental wealth protection strategies could be executed that do not acquire in the means of your business or everyday life. Enhanced property protection planning can use off-shore counts on and off-shore bank accounts, such tools and techniques are the exception in many cases

Sadly, a lot of commercial investor and businessmen, and many of their accountants and attorneys, pay nearly no focus to also basic asset protection techniques. This was never much more apparent, and regrettable, compared to during the Great Economic Recession we have been working with over the past seven years or so. Otherwise innovative and historically effective business real estate investors, programmers and business owners have dropped forgone wealth protection methods. What makes this even much more terrible is that, with even modest asset defense preparation, numerous of these devastating monetary disasters might have been avoided.

Wealth Protection: Shielding Your Real Estate
Why not think ahead to shield your properties for wealth protection? You are under no legal commitment to structure your economic affairs in a way that makes it much easier for banks and various other lenders to take virtually every little thing you have. Your responsibility is to your household, and to on your own, to make certain your life's work and life's savings are not shed in the event of monetary tragedy.

A vital point about property defense is that, to be efficient, it ought to be succeeded beforehand. As soon as the proverbial follower has actually been struck, it is most likely as well too late. There may still be some slightly efficient approaches to be employed to minimize damages, but actual possession security with powerfully efficient outcomes starts when there are no (or, at the very least, a very couple of) hurricane clouds on the limit that threaten your wealth. 

Wealth protection is commonly also overdue when you are in deep, murky water. Transmissions of assets for less than that of compared to decent value may be allotted as an inclination in personal bankruptcy, or as a deceptive transfer. The "fraudulence" in "deceptive transmission" is not traditional fraud. It is merely the transfer of a property for much less than reasonable worth for the principal purpose of avoiding creditors. This suggests attempts to transfer possessions for less than reasonable worth can be dealt with and set aside for four years after the transfer is made. Early adoption and application of also a simple property protection strategy may steer clear of these dangers. The point being made here is that you can’t implement wealth protection after the fact with your property; it has to be put into place before the storm strikes. 

Among the most basic instances of real estate wealth protection includes: If you are married and possess a residence with your spouse in Illinois or Indiana, and in the majority of other states, there is basically no justification for not possessing the real estate as tenants by the totalities to protect your real estate from cases of creditors of just one spouse. This is particularly correct if one partner is engaged in company or expert activities with a high risk of liability (businessmen, investor, designer, doctor, business owner, etc.), while the various other is not. Incredibly, it is generally found that while defending home developers and investors in home loan workout and loan settlement efforts over the past couple of years that this vital wealth protection is almost never in place beforehand. 

Case and Point: wealth protection involves protecting your most valuable assets early on, before it’s too late. And one of your most valuable assets is your real estate. Learn more wealth protection tips by Joe B, Garza.

With Good Estate Plans and Will You Can Avoid Your Estate 0FT E SUP EME COURT OF TEXAS - Supreme Court of Texas (Tips by Joe B. Garza)

You never want an estate that’s poorly planned because that estate can end up in the worst kind of limbo, (Joseph B. Garza example: the 0FT E SUP EME COURT OF TEXAS - Supreme Court of Texas limbo, where it precariously hangs in the balance for eons, seemingly, which is what can happen when your estate is improperly planned.)

Planning the Estate

When you plan your estate accordingly, you can evade common mistakes that land an estate in probate limbo. It’s highly advised that you have an attorney on your side for this planning process. This way, even if the estate is contested, it still will be impenetrable.

Vetted Legal Counsel

You need experience on your side for a flawless estate plan. With an experienced attorney like Joe B. Garza, you can enjoy peace of mind. He will apply his three decades of expertise to managing your estate and avoiding limbo.

What Lies Ahead

Your future can hold many twists and turns. Since we have no idea what the future might hold, it’s imperative that we plan ahead as best we can. This process also includes

Ensuring Your Legacy

How do you want to be remembered? With an expertly planned estate, you allocate where your estate goes, how it is divided up and ultimately, how your legacy is viewed by others. With experienced legal counsel assisting you in this process, you can assuredly avoid calamities like the court delays in the dreaded probate process.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tax Court Has a Cow Over Bad Estate Planning -- How Legal Professionals Like Attorney Joe B. Garza Can Help You Avoid This

Planning your estate and successfully securing your possessions and legacy for the future that lies ahead when you are gone sooner or later, is an aspect where you always wish to prevent the disaster of probate limbo or suspicious estate planning methods. The finest measure that one can take is to guarantee that their estate is thoroughly planned for very best good results. And the most fortuitous technique of this is by relying upon a seasoned estate planner like Texas attorney Joe Garza.


A great estate planner will assist you in preplanning your estate. This is tantamount to various elements that range from planning the estate for the below and now, with things like a living depend on, to preparing the estate for the results (for after you are gone). Preplanning is designed to help shield your estate from liability and to aid in minimizing taxation on the estate also (so the tax court has a cow over bad estate planning will not be a factor when your estate is being settled).

Incorporating Proven Methods

Another thing that you can count upon, when making use of a leading specialist like Texas attorney Joe Garza, is that the techniques being utilized for your estate are effective. Experience in preparing estates and minimizing tax liability, while securing them from various other kinds of liability, is always better when approached by an experienced attorney that has actually developed tenure in these matters. Make sure that you employ only the most vetted and experienced attorney when it comes to your estate.