Friday, March 1, 2013

Why You Want a Lawyer Penning Your Will

It’s always a good idea to draw up your living will to best appropriate how your estate will be divided up upon your death. Estate planning is more important now than it has ever been before. In a world that’s increasing replete with creditors and money hawks, and in a world where the court systems are backed up for eons, a living will can help you expedite your estate for your loved ones after you are gone, while offering a seam of protection for your assets and appropriating how they will be divided amongst the heirs. Keep reading to learn why your only feasible option is to have an estate planning attorney like Joe B. Garza Dallas Texas pen your living will.

The Only Will Option is an Ironclad One
A lot of people mistakenly place their trust in a paralegal to have their will created. This is an aberrant mistake that can actually lead to quite a cavalcade of problems and issues upon their passing. That’s because a paralegal only has to attend school for a few years, whereas an attorney generally attends advanced school for a period of six or seven years. The difference here is expertise. An estate planning attorney has the experience and is familiarized with the laws regarding penning an infallible living will; a paralegal is not.

Who Needs a Will?
Anybody who has a decently sized portfolio should consider having their will drawn up. Even for persons who do not think that they are worth that much, there are many things to consider. Possessions, debts, portfolio, real estate, investments, the whole nine yards. Without a living will in place, you are basically leaving the discernment of your estate up to the executor. This can make for a messy estate where inheritances are not allotted to the persons of your choosing. Avoid this calamity at all costs. Get your living will in order today, and protect the future of your legacy after you are gone.