Monday, April 29, 2013

Joining the Texas State Bar Associated: Texas Lawyer Joe Garza Offers: The Four Steps To Becoming A Lawyer In Texas

In order to become a lawyer in Texas here are some of the prerequisites required. First, The American Bar Association mandates that you have a bachelor’s degree. A major and/or a minor degree that has some correlation to law. Here you can think of courses like sociology, philosophy, Fine Arts and Political Science. Just to mention but a few. It is highly recommended that you talk to your career guidance counselor and find out the courses that lead to step two. Use the following suggestions and guides by Texas Lawyer Joe Garza to learn how to easily gain your legal credentials from the Texas State Bar Association (

The next thing is that you have to take and pass the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). It is only then that the Texas Board Of Law Examiners will allow you to join any American Bar Association Law School. You are reminded to take notes on the exams timings and dates. By default, it takes around 6 hours and it is done on four occasions per year. In Texas there a number of places that prepares you to take the exam. A good example is at the University Of Houston Continuing Education. With the apt prepping they offer you will be in a better position to answer the questions and so pass.

The third step involves making a formal application to the LSAC's Credentials Assembly Service. They will in turn undertake the entire process of compiling your transcripts and other pertinent prerequisites needed on your behalf. For a fee ($155) of course. Most importantly is the recommendation like for Baylor University School Of Law they offer you. It really makes your work a lot easier.

Finally, you apply to take the Texas State Bar Exam. Familiarize yourself with the exams timings and make sure that you have all the core concepts fully covered. This is if you want to pass it in your virgin attempt, anyways. Some places that prepare you in Texas are the Texas Bar Flash and the Reed Bar Review. From here on the sky is indeed the limit for our. You can opt to specialize or begin your practice right away.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

How an Auto Accident Lawyer can Help You – an Article by Texas Lawyer Joe B. Garza

If you have figured in a car accident where you are not at fault, you may want to call on an auto accident lawyer so he can help you navigate the legal minefield involved and even help you clarify your position in the accident. Due to the increasing complexity of driving and motor laws in different states plus the ambiguity of insurance processes, the need for car accident attorneys continues to be on the rise. A good lawyer can also act as a personal shield from the more aggressive insurance representatives that will be knocking on your doors. Use the tips offered in this article by Joe B. Garza to learn more about your options.

If you have been involved in a car accident and you are entitled for compensation from the insurance company, not only will you be faced with low initial offers but you will also be subject to numerous delaying tactics by car insurance reps. Some of them will even attach your evidence and place doubts on your claims for entitlement. If you are being intimidated by these car insurance reps, it may be time to stand up for your rights and call on an accident lawyer to straighten things out. A good lawyer will protect you from harassment and will negotiate for a better compensation rate on your behalf. Most insurance company representatives know that a lawyer knows of their tactics and thus will be more amendable to giving you the amount you deserve.

If you have suffered a debilitating injury or emotional distress, an auto accident lawyer will have the expertise to pursue a case so you get just compensation from the parties who are liable. Most people do not have the necessary knowledge of the laws concerning their situation but a good lawyer does and this is why it may be necessary to hire one. They will examine every detail of your situation and determine the best course of action so they can get you the best outcome.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dallas Attorney, Joe Garza, Opens Home to Host U.S. Foundation for Liberty Event

The U.S. Foundation for Liberty, an organization that educates Americans on the horrors and atrocities that are being committed by Iran against her people, hosted an event in Dallas recently to bring awareness to this region of the country. Prominent Dallas attorney, Joe B. Garza, was pleased to open his home up to host the event. The event regularly attracts some reputable persons, including politicians, businessmen and dignitaries. This year it was held at Garza’s beautiful Dallas manor.

The purpose of this event was to spread awareness of the everyday atrocities that the Iranian regime imposes upon its citizens. The goal of these events is to raise support toward efforts to achieve the goal of a democratically governed Iran unconstrained by religious persecution. It is hoped that by further educating persons regarding these events, and by helping to paint the real picture on what’s taking place in Iran, the world may better understand why there is no place in modern day civilization for this type of unacceptable fascism, its ideal and its outdated rhetoric and nomenclature.

The U.S. Foundation for Liberty consists of a diverse group of political, military and religious leaders serving on their advisory board, and utilizing their influence and connections to promote, advocate and advance human rights in Iran and in the Middle East. Through the sponsorship of events such as this, as well as seminars, workshops, symposiums and even media outlets, the U.S. Foundation for Liberty spreads their message along with raising funds to help relieve the suffering and improve the safety and living conditions for the victims of persecution in Iran. The foundation is a nonprofit aimed at supporting an Iran that is nuclear-free; which is not only beneficial for the people of Iran, but for the stability of Middle East and the entire world.

In addition to being introduced to the mission of the U.S. Foundation for Liberty, those who attended this event at Joe Garza’s home were given the opportunity to contribute to the cause. Contributions made are being applied to helping Iranian political refugees, organize educational events, and to facilitate programs to promote democracy in this country and in surrounding regions.

Joe B Garza Delivers Helpful Tips On How To Find An Accident Lawyer

Identifying the most suitable lawyer for accident cases often presents challenges to some individuals. In all lawsuits, whether it is a civil or criminal, having the right lawyer is crucial. In situations where accidents are involved, you will require the help of an accident lawyer. If you find the most experienced, the chances of winning a case are made higher. There are numerous methods that work best for individuals seeking the services of good lawyers to represent them. Presently, coming across the right attorney is an effortless task. This can be attributed to the internet which is a very resourceful tool. Before engaging in the task, there are some few tips below which will make the search a lot easier. Use these tips by Joe B Garza to learn how to more expeditiously locate the best auto accident lawyer for your claim.

Using referrals is very helpful. It is additionally one of the most common ways used for finding proficient accident lawyers. Friends including relatives can be relied on to provide the vital information regarding the best attorneys. Alternatively, an individual who has used the services of these professionals recently will be of great assistance.

Most of the law firms have set up websites which contain information regarding lawyers and their areas of specialty. A good number of the attorneys use the web for providing their contact information thus making it easy for them to interact with clients. Additionally, their professional experience as well as their qualifications can be viewed as well.

The other option entails looking through telephone directories. The directories contain all contact information of desirable accident lawyers who are present in your locality. Names of their law firms including their contact details are easily accessible in the directories. You can therefore go ahead and place calls to different attorneys seeking their professional help.

Searching for an experienced lawyer for accident cases is presently effortless. To commence the search, you just need to have an idea of where and when to find the professionals. Currently, online forums can also be used for posting cases. As can be seen, finding the most suitable and affordable accident lawyer in your region is easy.