Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dallas Attorney, Joe Garza, Opens Home to Host U.S. Foundation for Liberty Event

The U.S. Foundation for Liberty, an organization that educates Americans on the horrors and atrocities that are being committed by Iran against her people, hosted an event in Dallas recently to bring awareness to this region of the country. Prominent Dallas attorney, Joe B. Garza, was pleased to open his home up to host the event. The event regularly attracts some reputable persons, including politicians, businessmen and dignitaries. This year it was held at Garza’s beautiful Dallas manor.

The purpose of this event was to spread awareness of the everyday atrocities that the Iranian regime imposes upon its citizens. The goal of these events is to raise support toward efforts to achieve the goal of a democratically governed Iran unconstrained by religious persecution. It is hoped that by further educating persons regarding these events, and by helping to paint the real picture on what’s taking place in Iran, the world may better understand why there is no place in modern day civilization for this type of unacceptable fascism, its ideal and its outdated rhetoric and nomenclature.

The U.S. Foundation for Liberty consists of a diverse group of political, military and religious leaders serving on their advisory board, and utilizing their influence and connections to promote, advocate and advance human rights in Iran and in the Middle East. Through the sponsorship of events such as this, as well as seminars, workshops, symposiums and even media outlets, the U.S. Foundation for Liberty spreads their message along with raising funds to help relieve the suffering and improve the safety and living conditions for the victims of persecution in Iran. The foundation is a nonprofit aimed at supporting an Iran that is nuclear-free; which is not only beneficial for the people of Iran, but for the stability of Middle East and the entire world.

In addition to being introduced to the mission of the U.S. Foundation for Liberty, those who attended this event at Joe Garza’s home were given the opportunity to contribute to the cause. Contributions made are being applied to helping Iranian political refugees, organize educational events, and to facilitate programs to promote democracy in this country and in surrounding regions.

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