Monday, April 29, 2013

Joining the Texas State Bar Associated: Texas Lawyer Joe Garza Offers: The Four Steps To Becoming A Lawyer In Texas

In order to become a lawyer in Texas here are some of the prerequisites required. First, The American Bar Association mandates that you have a bachelor’s degree. A major and/or a minor degree that has some correlation to law. Here you can think of courses like sociology, philosophy, Fine Arts and Political Science. Just to mention but a few. It is highly recommended that you talk to your career guidance counselor and find out the courses that lead to step two. Use the following suggestions and guides by Texas Lawyer Joe Garza to learn how to easily gain your legal credentials from the Texas State Bar Association (

The next thing is that you have to take and pass the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). It is only then that the Texas Board Of Law Examiners will allow you to join any American Bar Association Law School. You are reminded to take notes on the exams timings and dates. By default, it takes around 6 hours and it is done on four occasions per year. In Texas there a number of places that prepares you to take the exam. A good example is at the University Of Houston Continuing Education. With the apt prepping they offer you will be in a better position to answer the questions and so pass.

The third step involves making a formal application to the LSAC's Credentials Assembly Service. They will in turn undertake the entire process of compiling your transcripts and other pertinent prerequisites needed on your behalf. For a fee ($155) of course. Most importantly is the recommendation like for Baylor University School Of Law they offer you. It really makes your work a lot easier.

Finally, you apply to take the Texas State Bar Exam. Familiarize yourself with the exams timings and make sure that you have all the core concepts fully covered. This is if you want to pass it in your virgin attempt, anyways. Some places that prepare you in Texas are the Texas Bar Flash and the Reed Bar Review. From here on the sky is indeed the limit for our. You can opt to specialize or begin your practice right away.

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