Thursday, July 11, 2013

Texas Attorney Joseph B. Garza Offers Advice Regarding Why the Texas State Bar Association Regulates All Dallas Lawyers

The ultimate wish of anyone involved in litigation is that they get a fair judgment. To enhance this, one needs to be well represented. The legal fraternity has a role to play to see to it that this happens. This is why the Texas Bar Association regulates all Dallas lawyers, including the author of this article, Texas Attorney Joseph B. Garza. For one to engage in legal practice in areas of its jurisdiction, they have to be its members. This serves a number of purposes, which will be discussed below.

The first reason why the Texas State Bar Association regulates all Dallas lawyers is in order to ensure that they adhere to the set code of legal conduct. This way, clients are better shielded from legal malpractice. The charges they receive for services offered are fair hence preventing them from extortion. All attorneys have to follow the laid down rules and regulations. This is because professional misconduct will result to penalties being imposed on them. Where clients' complaints are investigated and proved to be true, suspension or de-registration may occur depending upon how serious the offense is. This strictness ensures members' conduct is kept on check at all times.

The Texas State Law association offers education to its members. For one to be certified, they have to pass the Association's examinations. They also offer resources in form of various publications. This way, its young members have a large knowledge base for reference purposes. Old members get to refresh their knowledge through refresher courses. This keeps all members on their toes. They therefore are in a position to solve cases on emerging issues. This education bit is what helps to maintain professionalism and is the basis for licensing attorneys to ensure that they represent clients in the fields for which they are qualified depending on their academic and professional qualifications. Overall competence in the field is thus enhanced.

Attorneys in Dallas like Attorney Joseph B. Garza are regulated by the State Law Association so as to enable the public make the right decisions. This they do through provision of information on the conduct of their members. Clients looking for legal representation can therefore make the right decisions and avoid people who have been involved in unprofessional behavior. As a result, quality delivered is of high standards.

Through regulation of attorneys in Dallas, the courts are aided in administration of justice. Since the attorneys know what is expected of them by the profession and their clients too, they ensure that fairness is exercised in the courts. As a result, they ensure that justice prevails as evidenced in the most appropriate court ruling. The credibility of legal practice and the processes involved is also up-held as a result of regulation. This is because clients are aware that the legal representation services offered to them are of great quality. They will thus have faith in the judicial system and be contented with the outcome of their lawsuits.

As discussed above, there are many reasons why the Texas Bar Association regulates all Dallas lawyers. Therefore, anyone looking forward to administration of justice should go for no other attorneys but those that are its members. This way, the end results are likely to be in their best interests. To learn more about becoming certified by the Texas State Bar Association, please read these other related blogs by Texas Attorney Joseph B. Garza.

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